Doone Lupine Williams is a 22 year old Artist and Entrepreneur from the Pacific Northwest.

She is currently attending her Junior year at “one of the most influential contemporary art schools”: The San Francisco Art Institute. There, she is pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Art in Film and Art History, whilst having worked in over 4 different departments of the school as a sophomore. She was given the 2017 Rising Leader award and has been given the opportunity to intern with the head of her film department and professional filmmaker, Christopher Coppola.

In the past four years, Doone has lived and studied abroad in Florence, Italy at SACI College of Art & Designreceived a 3.8 GPA on the Dean’s Scholarship at the   San Francisco Art Institute, recorded her first EP in the Bay Area’s legendary Hyde Street Studios , and has lived and worked as a caretaker and personal chef at Summerlake Hotsprings  , a hostprings resort in the outback of Eastern Oregon. From high school to present, Doone has shown and had her work featured in multiple scales and platforms such as  Oregon State University  , the national Scholastic Art & Writing Awards where she received an honorable mention, Blackfish Gallery in Portland, Oregon to Artists Television Access in the Mission District of San Francisco, and last but least, her latest feature at  OnArt  Gallery in Florence.