hello pretty people,

✿ this heat wave has been hitting my inspiration pretty hard, which makes me turn to different platforms to create (photography, blogging, research, music). as a very energy sensitive artist i am greatly affected by my surroundings, and yes the weather plays an enormous part. when its cold and rainy all i want to do is paint, when the suns out with a cool temperature, i totally vibe outside with my supplies and want to paint outside. when its BARBARICALLY hot i honestly curdle up into a ball and cant stand to adventure or be outside. in a way this is a tremendous part of my work ethic because it allows me to do research whether im aware of it or not (you might do the same thing too!). this is when i turn into a hermit and lazy leo, watch my favorite old movies, i get way into editing,writing, i take more pictures rather than painting them, and my favorite thing is, sadly, pinterest. my boards are a huge creative outlet and provide so much inspiration, especially in the fashion world.✿
✿so here is my first fashion blog with a little more insight on who i am, and what inspires not only my soul and my work. i want to bring forth the fashion photography that inspires my everyday AESTHETIC that enhances the bohemian soul that i am. it is my dream to make this my career✿

so, on other note…

✿ I dont know if you’re feelin’ the Indian Summer vibes but I sure am.
✿✿I’M PREDICTING & VIBING WITH A high conversation between modernity and vintage aesthetic this Indian summer. ✿✿


✿ 1950’s aesthetic







✿ When can we see the one stripped hair color come back?? Like Corella Devile? Anyone??✿









((all photos curtesy of pinterest))


Dear Readers,


I have been so eager to share this post with you, mainly because I have been needing to write and because I am the most proud of this creation due to the color I have invented purely from plants, as well as the top photo I took (might be my best).

If I haven’t introduced myself already, my name is Doone Lupine Williams and I am 22 years old. I am currently residing in Sunriver, Oregon (where I was conceived) for the summer. I like throwing that little fun fact in because Sunriver/Bend, Oregon has become the new trend capital of this state I call home, and the fact that this really is where my roots were laid (no pun intended) and the fact my family has been here since 1971, makes me a tad pretentious in tourist-ville.

HOWEVER, today I have officially been hired as a server here at Sunriver Resort, and I am actually really excited. I tend to hermit up in my studio & of course, my kitchen, which eventually turns me off to most human beings and I end up hanging out with more plants than people… SO yay! I am re-entering into society as every college student should over the summer. 🙂
(at least that’s what our parents tell us to do)

If it were up to me I would have been smart, and saved more money from my trip to Italy, bought a VW bus with a kitchenette, and done all my food blogging from various spots around the PNW.


Remember, I did go to a Grateful Dead show in my mom’s stomach in 1995 (the year Jerry died), so it is in my DNA to be a bit of a wandering soul. 😉


These pretty things are:



aesthetically pleasing

100% plant based

*no food dye*



dairy free

cruelty free 


My Hibiscus Coconut Cream Bars are the SH*T.

I literally spent all day yesterday in the kitchen and it was AWESOME. or should I say RAWSOME?!?!

I went to the Bendlandia farmers market, got loadsss of fresh, organic, local  produce, I met local farmers, tried local biz’s goodies, like kraut and mushroom butter and lavender lemonade. I bought fresh PEONIES and the largest Rhubarb I have ever seen. Plus, I actually tried rhubarb for the first time! I really like it and I want to know your favorite Rhubarb recipes. Somehow I have already managed to make a rhubarb purée and am planning out a wonderful vegan rhubarb strawberry pie for ya’ll!

See those cherries?? Yeah, I have already eaten all of them. 🙂

Now, lets focus on what I’m actually writing about…


FIRST OFF, it’s the cashew coconut layer that makes these babies so special.

{and the fact that they are purple}


you’re going to need a plethora of healthy things for the cashew layer. and this layer alone is worth exploring.

SO this is the OG cashew coconut dough , it taste’s better than your favorite cookie dough and can be eaten RAW without being afraid of it giving you salmonella!

Oh, the joys of being plant based…

you could sculpt this into balls and chill as cookies, throw in your favorite dairy free ice cream as cookie dough, or use it in a wild creation as I did!

so yummy I could not stop licking the spoon!


  • pitted dates
  • coconut oil
  • almonds
  • cashews
  • dried/shredded coconut
  • organic coconut milk
  • maple syrup
  • cardamom

Blend in high speed food processor and should look something like this!


Blend in high speed blender, sweeten to taste, its going to taste a little bit like Kefir {drinkable yogurt} as the cashews make it a little bitter and so does the Jamaica, {not sure what Jamaica is? click my homemade Jamaica Recipe here  }

add more or less Jamaica to effect the color 🙂

HOMEMADE HIBISCUS MILK for your purple layer!



  1. apply coconut layer to baking pan lined with foil or parchment paper
  2. let freeze for about 15 mins before adding coconut layer after sculpting layer evenly (should be a bit oily and easy to sculpt)
  3. apply coconut cream layer–as you’ll see I have one white layer and one purple layer, the white layer is just hibiscus layer recipe with out the Jamaica. The Jamaica adds a little bit of bitterness, but is mainly used for color 🙂
  4. get creative and mix accordingly to the color you want for the purple/hibiscus layer.
  5. let freeze for 4-5 hours, thaw/sit @ room temperature for about 7-10 mins before serving.
  6. serve with a pretty flower or top with powdered sugar/coconut.
  7. it tastes a lot like an ice-cream cake, so be prepared for a lot of napkins if you are going to eat it like a bar, or just serve with a fork.










IMG_0794 IMG_0800


really fast i have to just say, HOW BEAUTIFUL IS THAT PICTURE ABOVE OF THE HEADS OF ROMAINE LETTUCE , CORN HUSKS & ONION?! ahh i love those colors. i want it blown up and in my kitchen.. and those apples. ahhh i love apples. and taking really awesome pictures of fruit.. and food in general. but you know that already. but GOSH why is fruit so amazing?!?! like wow, dont you think fruit is SEXY!? plus it makes you look sexy.. okay im getting off track.

On saturday morning I went for an early run. When i was running back through downtown i noticed white booths being set up next to the Fisherman’s Market, with a lot of bundled up families setting out beautiful, colorful fresh produce, wonderfully decorated wreaths, and all sorts of goodies. Who doesn’t love the farmers market? like seriously. The farmers market is such a wonderful chance to see what the local creatives are up to, and see AMAZING homemade goods. not to mention , some of the best FRESH produce you can’t find any where else. I was so excited to get home shower & bundle up w/ my camera to come back down and take some pics! & soak up my first Norwegian farmers market!

It was a really cool opportunity to feel like a local and get exposed to really traditional foods for this time of year. Beautiful baked breads, pastries, cinnamon rolls. Jams, jellies, homemade syrup, you name it. Europeans love that kind of stuff. A LOT OF PANCAKES. which is crazy, given the fact I am so obsessed w/ pancakes right now. Maybe its my norwegian sub conscious… anywho, its funny because i’ve noticed norwegians love putting any kind of jam or syrup onto some “bready thing”. Like pancakes, shortbread flat bread, you name it. you can find it packaged anywhere in the grocery stores, but i really noticed it here at the market. SO many homemade jellies, that were served next to some warm pancake thing/breakfast cake sweet thing. its pretty sweet! no pun intended.

enjoy my pics! & VISIT BERGEN!

IMG_0803 IMG_0781 IMG_0778 IMG_0789 IMG_0797IMG_0771 IMG_0770 IMG_0767 IMG_0777 IMG_0772 IMG_0779 IMG_0799 IMG_0788 IMG_0801 IMG_0798 IMG_0781



What does the word “reality” mean to you?

IMG_0050 IMG_0049g o o d  m o r n i n g  w o r l d

sitting by the windowsill feeling very inspired about life and what is has to offer. I am loving life here in Bergen. I feel so full of love and full of so much inspiration. Living in Europe has probably got to be the best thing thats ever happened to me. It’s hard to believe this isn’t a dream but this is my reality!

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: What is your perspective on the word “reality”? 

Think on this, I was thinking about this yesterday, how when we use the word “reality” I came to the realization that it’s used often more in a negative context then in a positive one. You may often here, “well reality is”, or “be realistic”, or perhaps the common attribution of when we say “dreams vs. reality”.. when I think of phrases and statements we say with the word reality I can only claim them to conversations or things i’ve heard from topics regarding how reality is aside from what we want, aside from what we fantasize, dream. This can be in any situation or circumstance. Think about it. When has someone asked you to be realistic about something. I’ve gotten this a lot in my life because I am such a dreamer { a curse but a cure } . When we’re not “being realistic” what does that really mean? When the truth of the matter is, anything is possible. thats a fact, so anything in our minds could yes, potentially, be a “reality”. When we say be realistic to someone, we are indeed telling them that their frame of thought isn’t going to happen because it can’t. Then we tie that to our everyday lives. Our everyday life is our “reality”, which is just SO far from our dreams. Think on the word “dream”. when we talk about our dreams, they are things we want to do, things we desire to do, things that are “unrealistic” or out of reach, far from our “reality”. Why must they be so far? Why does it have to be “dreams vs. reality” ? when you say that you’re instantly putting your reality next to your dreams. Our dreams are always going to be the biggest, most positive, all of us, all of our wants, desires, nothing but wholesome, good energy from our hearts, because they are ours, that no one can take from us… our dreams. When you compete that with your reality, your never going to look at your everyday life in the way you look at your dreams. Yes, its easier said than done.. but does it have to be?

  • If being fit and healthy is your dream; what are you doing everyday in your “reality”, whatever that may be, to make that dream a little closer in reach. It is not impossible to live your dream.
  • If buying a boat is your dream, but “reality” is you cant afford it, how are you spending your money now? How much money each day are you spending on things you don’t need or don’t use, take that total and add it up. Be honest about it. Start with each day, then each week, each month, etc. See how much money you would save in 2 years, if you gave up mindless expenses, and things you don’t need to be spending money on. If you have cable and don’t watch it, cancel it. It’s frying your brain anyway. If you have a habit with eating out. Ask yourself why you need to eat out, think of your favorite dishes to eat when you dine out. Learn to cook them at home! Take on a new hobby of cooking or baking. then treat yourself every once and a while to paying for that luxury. who knows you might make it better yourself, and bonus, its better for your wallet.  Is gas adding up? Bike. Walk. Take public transportation. If that boat is your dream, then who cares about putting a little more effort into little everyday things we can totally take advantage of. Would you if you knew you could get what you want at the end? Like that boat?
  • If traveling is your dream {my dream}, everyones financial expense is different, some of you have thousands in your account, some have hundreds, some may not have any. money does not need to be the first obstacle. Money comes and goes, you can earn it and then spend it, you can lose it or you can save it. the world wont run out of money, and its pretty crazy these days how you really can get in easy ways. by selling things, picking up an odd job, things like craigslist, etc. in this day an age its almost ridiculous. When people think of traveling the first thing they think of is how much it costs. Yes, traveling can be outrageous and airfare is SOOOO EXPENSIVE, i totally get it, but once you get past that plane ticket, its all up in the air. Its all up to you to let the cards fall in place. Are you the kind of person who’s stressed about transportation and paying for cabs, or renting a car, or whatever, cause yes thats going to cost you some cash..  or are you the kind of person who may strike up a conversation with a person who might know of an easier way to walk, or are they going in the same direction as you and maybe you could hitch a ride? there is a dangerous side to this but also a very logical side to this. One may argue, but getting by through social interaction and naturally letting things happen, “reality” is those opportunities were waiting for you. It’s up to you to make them happen. those are experiences. unplanned obstacles make memories. don’t let little things get in the way of what you want. and that goes for everything and anything.

Reality can be a really amazing thing. I think if we let go of that side of our brains that tries to analyze situations, things that could happen, maybe insecurities, then we will really set ourselves free. And a larger population of people can feel pleasure and contentment knowing that reality is, life is beautiful and the whole world is here for us. Make the most out of life because it is short, why waste it on “okay”, with our dreams seeming far out of reach. They are closer than you think.





Mt. Fløyen


IMG_0025 IMG_0026 IMG_0027

Adam turned 20 years old yesterday and in celebration we were blessed with the CLEAR skies {which is absolutely unheard of in these woods..rain, rain rain} NO RAIN, and the gift of course of having this wonderful human being in this wonderful world!

So we hiked to the top of Mt. Flø night!


Which is in walking distance from our house and even shorter distance form downtown. Yep, just like that you can just hike a mountain in your backyard here in Bergen. Pretty suiting, huh? For those of you who love outside living and love to hike and LOVE to get around by foot, you should really give Bergen a try. We started the hike around 6/7 and the mountain was hoppin! The trails are packed when the sun goes down. Once you get passed the neighborhoods on your stroll up the beautiful hillside you get to the trail with no lights, nothin and all you see when you look up is zig zags of lights from headlamps and flashlights from the locals taking their nightly stroll up the mountain! Just a casual evening for a norwegian you could say. Anywhooo, the hike was magical and the view is breathtaking.

 IMG_0034 IMG_0037 IMG_0039

IMG_0042 IMG_2061













Off of Highway 31, head about 6 miles east to this tiny little ghost down in the middle of the desert. I didn’t see one person while I was there. A few more photos from my drive down the “tour route” back to highway 31. I drove through right after a MASSIVE storm! Luckily the stars aligned so when I made my way through this beautiful country the whole land was gold from the rare sunlight of the day, with a deep blue, grey horizon from the storm. ABSOLUTELY GAAWWGEOUS. It’s definitely worth the detour if you are headed east or west on Highway 31! Happy road trippin folks!