The Mountains Are Not Always Calling and When They Do Be Prepared to Listen.

"To be alone, and to be alone with one's thoughts"

The cascades in black and white


what pushes us from society
what brings us forth within
what leads us in the right direction
how do trust this myth?
what makes us feel alive
what makes us feel at peace
what makes us feel afraid
and what makes us feel unease 
what makes us feel in-tune
what makes us feel so true
to be in solitude
is one's wisest thing to do.
I took some photos this past week in search of some new, yet familiar horizons, ideas and perspectives.
As a young woman, I feel strange being a solo traveler. However, this is something I want to conquer further. Ideas that come from solitude and serenity, are the ones I value most. Facing these alone in the wilderness have brought me many emotions, many realizations and questions on my being: the ones I feel at most in tune with. 

I have been in Oregon for one year and four months. 

This is the longest I have been in one location since I left home at 18. 

I feel very blessed to live where I live in this time of my life. To call "home" to such a vast, dynamic part of the west coast.

I just finished my summer classes, and I am solely focusing on grasping some new concepts that are forming within my work and within my thesis. 

The mountains are not always calling. And that is okay. Let them be there when you need them most. And be sure to not take advantage.
I thought a lot about:

New existential meanings that are forming within my work. 

With love, 

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