by Bree Goodwin ARTISTRY


"We all wear masks, metaphorically speaking."
- The Mask (1994)

Something about creativity that I am becoming more in tune with, 
is that LIFE is the true inspiration. 
This year my work has entangled itself
 & fallen deep back in love with my intuition.
 Intuition to trust.
To let go.
 Right now is the time.  
If not now?
I've done a fair share of trying on different masks.
Some work. 
Some don't. 
Some keep others at the perfect distance away.
Some bring them face-to-face. 
Your real face.
When I started singing in jazz clubs, 
I felt this mask of adrenaline.
This mask of familiar nostalgia
that I had, actually & physically, 
never experienced.

Living everyday in an artistic
movement of the modern day world, 
mixed with visions I have had of a far away past,
one of which I had never 
actually experienced.
It made me feel this sense of comfort 
and confusion all in one. 
I have been searching 
 & searching.
I have also, 
been slowly understanding my 
mind & the way it works. 

+ why it works the way it works. 

+ how it is significantly different
than yours.

The past year has been a tremendous time for self-realizations.

You know, those times 
where absolutely everything 
is in tune?

The moon, the sun and the stars. 

The people, the places and the perspectives.

Inspiration and intuition.
I am constantly psychoanalyzing the contradiction of beauty
and pain to my artistic endeavors as a young
woman -- all it has given me. 
ALL it has took from me. 
In hindsight, I have learned that 
looking back on time,
will only steer you away 
from what is right in front of you.
However, what is right in front of you 
can also be blinding, and misleading. 
 On another note, 
it is simple to consider that the past is history.
 An insight into the present 
 & if you're lucky it can be an 
insight into your future.
  Let it unfold. 
 Let the words be written, 
 Slowly and emotionally. 
 Write them with intent. 
 Write them with passion. 
Write them with vulnerability. 
It has been an incredible journey.
It has been a phenomenal roller coaster of once in a lifetime
opportunities, mixed with recipes for disasters. 
Undeniable Vulnerability.
Romantic Continuity.
Fluidity in Motion.
Incredible Confusion.
m u l t i p l e
m e d i u m s. 

It has been a wild ride.
Trust your intuition 
& make art without consequence.

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/doonewilliams
Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/justdooneit

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