The Studio.

This summer has been one of the more interesting summers i've ever had. 

 As Leo season is closing,  I am feeling immense gratitude and heightened curiosity.  
There has been love, there has been emotion and there has been inspiration.
If you're anything like me, you'll know that when there's highs, there are lows.

We figure it out.

Whether it's running away or facing your woes right on paper.  

Guess which one I have chosen.
We mustn't confuse confusion with distress;

Confusion can often be the answer.  

My vintage apartment has become a haven of challenge, a castle of romantic confusion. 
It's been one of the most inspiring times of my life. 

 Muchas Gracias, Augusto. 

I feel blessed.

 X Doone
Photography by Doone Williams. 

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