Do you ever find yourself spinning in circles? This can be with an idea, a relationship, a goal, a project, a diet, a destination, etc…

Step 1: FOCUS

By being the creative monster that I am, I have so many aspirations within my work. I have so many damn mediums that it  often makes it more difficult for myself to just practice something as simple as focusing. 

Sometimes, I create MORE work for myself, which pushes me further away from focusing. 


here are some tips that help me focus:

  1.  Get off your phone.

  2. Ignore everyone.

  3. Put on some tunes.

  4. DO YOU.

1. When I am feeling anxious about a deadline or a project I really need to complete, the best thing that helps me stay successful in doing so, is abandoning social media platforms/technology that counteracts my mission. We waste so much damn time on social media that it is literally creating peaks of mental health issues in teens and children, not to mention most adults (can you relate?). If its getting in the way… get rid of it, baby.
2. Ignore everyone. Oh your best friend invited you out this weekend? And you really need to sleep and catch up on work (WHICH SHOULD BE YOUR PASSION), which really means time for yourself? Put YOU first and don’t feel bad about it. When I find myself spreading myself too thin by socializing, this is when I cram things in last minute, I don’t produce my best work/content, and I remain further behind focusing on my health and my art. Put you first and if your friends are true friends, they will survive.
3.  TURN UP THE TUNES LOUD! Like I mean really loud. You know how much you love spending $400 on that music festival ticket? Well try doing it for free, in your home. Put on a record, or put on your headphones, and shut the world out. Get those juices flowin’ and get your supplies out.
5. Creating time for yourself is essential. How can we be good for others if we are not good to ourselves? The act of selfishness has become so overlooked into a negative context, that we often think it’s a bad thing to be alone or do things alone/for ourselves. DO YOU. And don’t look back. Make yourself proud.


Surround yourself with motivators, influencers and EXPERIENCED professionals of your field.
If you are listening to the hand that feeds you FALSE information, how are you supposed to grow within your work(a.k.a most of social media)?
I have had some really inspiring people come in and out out of my life. Take what you need from it. Yes, be selfish.
Learn from your experiences and surround yourself with people that
i n s p i r e 
Yes, heartbreak is real. And so is disappointment with human beings. But we are all just human beings, being human. So get a cat, and quit complaining.
don’t rely on people for your happiness. Allow your group of friends to be diverse — get multiple perspectives on art, politics, humanity, etc. Take risks in your choice of human beings.
No I don’t mean go on Tinder and go out with the weirdo thats blowing up your inbox.
Be bold in your connections.

Step 3: Listen to your heart

Im not trying to be cheeky. however, the power of intuition is truly amazing. the times i have trusted my heart to filter my decisions, is when i have been the most successful, within relationships, my work and my life. 
give it all you got.
and don’t take no for an answer. how will you ever know until you go? listen to your heart and give it what it needs. you have the power to do that. not a person, not a material object, not a podcast, maybe not event my blog… but you are capable of everything you set your mind to and any dreams you have had or still have. 
if it’s still in your heart, it’s still a passion worth pursuing. 
you just have to listen.

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